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NO.TitlePublish Date
1We are organizing a charity event and would like to apply for the approval of using a section of road as the event ground. What do we have to do to apply for the approval?2017-05-19
2When is the Beitou Gondola expected to be built and completed?2016-04-21
3Who do I have to talk to when I found a damaged roadside ditch cover?2016-04-21
4How to apply for setting up an advertisement on pedestrian overpass?2014-04-22
5How should I apply for building advertising signs or banners on the pedestrian overpass ?2013-06-19
6What are the P and R factors of the fee-charging standards for usage of urban road?2013-04-23
7Which department is in charge of the arcade leveling project?2013-04-23
8What are the stipulations governing the reduction and exemption of the fee-charging for usage of urban road? basis?2013-04-23
9What is the bidding qualification for the existing roadway land property?2013-04-23
10How do we apply for leveling the arcade in front of our buildings? How does the process work?2013-04-23
11What is the scope for providing sidewalk seats under “the Administrative Rules for Providing Sidewalk Seats”?2012-04-19
12What are the qualifications required for application specified in “the Administrative Rules for Providing Sidewalk Seats”?2012-04-19
13What is the competent authority responsible for “the Administrative Rules for Providing Sidewalk Seats”?2012-04-19
14What are the date of issuance and effective date of the charging standard on use of urban roads?2011-04-19
15What is the authority responsible for collection of charge on use of urban roads? What is the authority actually handling charge collection?2011-04-19
16What are the associated provisions on facilities near sidewalk seats within the permitted scope of use?2011-04-19
17What is the timing for collection of charge on use of urban roads?2011-04-19
18What is the effective period of the license for providing sidewalk seats?2011-04-19
19What are the associated charges to be paid when applicant provides seat on a sidewalk in our city, and how to calculate?2011-04-19
20What is the required passage space for pedestrians when seats are provided on a sidewalk?2011-04-19