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Brief introduction: During the reorganization of Taipei City Government, in order to promote various aspects of urban construction, the Preparation Department for New Construction was set up on November 29, 1967. The Department of New Construction (DNC), affiliated with the Public Works Bureau, was officially set up in March 1968 and is responsible for supervising planning, design and construction of roads, bridges and building projects in our city. As of the reorganization on August 1, 2006, it had undergone 14 transformations and its staff had increased from 244 to 374. In line with the policy of “division between water and land”, our department has been taking over several responsibilities such as building, maintaining and managing roads, bridges and culverts, pedestrian bridges and underground passages for which the Maintenance Engineering Department of Public Works Bureau was responsible before August 1, 2006. 9 sections, 1 team and 5 offices have been added to our organization including the Maintenance Works Section, Project Quality Control Section, Excavation Management Section and Maintenance Works Team.

Chief Engineer's Office
This office is responsible for the preparation, examination and review of plans for public works, providing instructions and performing examination and review of the planning and design of various projects, research and improvement, examination and review of standard engineering drawings and descriptions and technologies, supervision and assessment of design, construction processes quality control for various projects, examination of design criteria of project changes, technical discussions and communication for various projects.
Tel: 886-2-27287936

Planning and Design Section
Planning and Design is responsible for project planning, environmental impact assessment, urban plan changes and project designs related to the roads, bridges and associated facilities in the city.
Tel: 886-2-27287945

Electrical Engineering Section
This office is responsible for the design, preparation of codes and construction budgets related to water and electricity works, air-conditioning, monitoring systems, electric lifts and other auxiliary electromechanical installations. Tel: 886-2-27287968

Architecture Design Section
This section is responsible for planning and design of new and existing buildings in our city.
Tel: 886-2-27287993

Public Works Section
Public Works is responsible for procurement, contract fulfillment management, construction management, handling claims, disputes and lawsuits, and control and management of funds and management of remaining resources related to various projects.
Tel: 886-2-27258096

Road Maintenance Section
Road Maintenance is responsible for repair and service design, management of maintenance work, management of maintenance information and handling of disputes related to roads and bridges in the city.
Tel: 886-2-27258228

Quality Control Section
This section is responsible for quality verification and management, acceptance and laborers’ safety and health related to various projects.
Tel: 886-2-27258015

Road Excavation Management Section
This section is responsible for examination and approval of road excavation, coordination with companies/individuals who are performing ductworks, establishment and updating of data, coordinating duct line passing over public land, compensation for relocation during duct line construction in our city.
Tel: 886-2-89788900

Maintenance Team
The Maintenance Team is responsible for patrol, subgrade maintenance, repair of pavement and sidewalks, maintenance of ditches, railings and speed-bumps and emergency repair of roads in the 12 administrative districts of the city.
Tel: 886-2-27258214

Engineering Support Section
This section is responsible for basic work such as investigation, surveying, drawing, evaluation, agreement, dismantling and relocation, guiding the repair of obstructions within the scope of project areas, and the expropriation of land and handling benefits and repeated benefits from projects and property management for roads and bridges and related work.
Tel: 886-2-27258068

Utilities Conduit Planning Section
This section is responsible for preparation of planning, public notices and separate regulations related to common ductwork systems, preparation and control of ductwork design, budget and funds, coordination of implementation plans for common ductworks, maintenance of common ductworks and collection of user charges for buried ductworks.
Tel: 886-2-27258047

Systems Administration
This section is responsible for overall planning, design, management and maintenance and popularization of the information system.
Tel: 886-2-27258063

Secretary Office
This office is responsible for laws and regulations, documents, research, affairs, payment and receipt, seals and correspondence and other affairs not under the responsibility of other sections/offices.
Tel: 886-2-27287899

Accounting Office
This office is responsible for annual accounting, accounting and statistical affairs.
Tel: 886-2-27258027

Personnel Office
Personnel is responsible for H.R. management affairs.
Tel: 886-2-27258130

Government Ethics Office
This office is responsible for the prevention, detection, disposal and prosecution of unlawful behavior of all personnel in this department regarding the law, maintenance of public secrets, advocacy of ethics, laws and regulations, and maintenance of security of department facilities.
Tel: 886-2-27203592

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  • Source: New Construction Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government
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