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The Refurbishment Project of Chenggong Market in Taipei City won the 26th Chinese Architectural Golden Stone Award

The New Construction Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government was entrusted to implement the “Refurbishment Project of Chenggong Market”, which won the 26th Chinese Architectural Golden Stone Award in 2018. It was ranked as an Excellent Public Construction/Excellent Work in the Spatial Activation Planning Category, being a masterpiece of H.P. Chueh Architects and Planners.
H. P. Chueh, the architect, expressed that after observing the urban texture of Chenggong Market and analyzing the spatial needs carefully, the market’s space and open space of the city was regarded as the main body of design. To cope with the needs of moving the market underground, vertical logistic issues arose. Tactfully, the architect allowed the market and open space to be used in different manners. With architectural design, he achieved a balance and complex relationship between them.

Architect Chueh regarded the “tectonic landscape of the market architecture” as the theme for the refurbishment construction of the market. Extending the market space and open land space of the market and fragmenting the architectural space volume on the ground, the architect connected the landscape's vegetation/light/activities and more to minimize the visual feeling of moving it underground. However, he still retained the continuous open space to provide recreation to citizens, constituting the mutual beneficial and complimentary spatial usage.

Contextualizing the market routes and urban relationships, he demonstrated and clarified the ground activities. At the same time, it also suggested the entrance/exit of the underground space. At the outer rims of the fixed points, he left the leisure streets and bike parking zones required in the urban space to encourage citizens to use green carriers or walk to the market to promote the quality of living space.

At present, the current address of Chenggong Market is land for road use in the urban plan. Street vendors began to gather there temporarily upon arrangement in 1986. Now, there are 196 stalls, occupying about 1,980m2. To comply with the goal of urban planning, improve the market economy, and provide people in the neighborhood with a quality living environment, Taipei City Government began to refurbish the market with careful planning in 2006. After years of communication, finally they came to a consensus. The semi-underground market was planned, and the square at the ground level is opened for the use of residents in the neighborhood to uphold the rights of the residential buildings on both sides.