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Taipei City Road System Rated Excellent Six Consecutive Times by Central Government

The Ministry of the Interior (MOI) held the awards ceremony “Urban Road Maintenance Management and Pedestrian Accessibility Appraisal Program” on January 17, 2020. Taipei City was once again awarded first place for its overall score in the national “Special Municipality” class, first place in the “Area Appraisal - Special Municipality,” first place in the “Policy - Special Municipality” and second place in the “Transportation Construction - Special Municipality.” The awards have shown Taipei City’s commitment to improving the maintenance of roads and pedestrian environment in recent years.
Chief Engineer Liu Chia-Ming of the New Construction Office (NCO) of the Public Works Department (PWD), Taipei City Government, said that Taipei City has actively promoted road maintenance and improvements to the pedestrian environment in recent years. Besides continuing to improve the road conditions, the Taipei City Government’s Department of Transportation has organized the “Neighborhood Traffic Environment Improvement Program” for lanes and alleys under 8 meters in width. The program aims to re-configure road space under limited conditions through planning marked sidewalks for pedestrians and parking spaces for cars and scooters and repairing roads to make the sidewalks safer for pedestrians and parking spots more orderly. In recent years, the program has aimed to improve the spacing and connection of sidewalk accessibility. Different from the mere improvements on single sections implemented in the past, the program now extends to the overall consideration of the regional network, and the results have been highly praised by the appraisal committee members.

Section Chief Hung Wei-Tsung of the Utilities Conduit Planning Section of the NCO said that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and road and sidewalk maintenance needs to be conducted regularly and effectively managed to provide citizens with safety and convenience. The appraisal results showed that Taipei City has been recognized for its policy promotion and implementation performance. The competition also awarded the city NT$8 million subsidy. The award demonstrated the cross-functional collaboration of agencies in the Taipei City Government and their devotion to serving the public, which is a great encouragement and honor for the maintenance personnel at different levels in Taipei City. The city government will continue to seek improvements and strive for excellence to provide citizens with a friendly and comfortable pedestrian and driving environment and a better quality of life.