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Road quality of Taipei City rated excellent again by the central government

Every year the Ministry of the Interiors (MOI) organizes the “Road Maintenance and Management and Accessible Pedestrian Environment Rating” to rate the achievements in road maintenance and pedestrian environment improvement in counties and cities. In the 2020 rating, among all “municipal cities” Taipei City was rated Excellent in general performance, including No. 1 in “Pedestrian Environment—Municipal City,” No. 1 in “Policy Performance—Municipal City,” and Excellent in “Road Surface Uniformity.” These achievements mark out the ceaseless efforts in road and pedestrian environment improvement of the Taipei City Government.

According to Chia-Ming Liu of the Chief Engineer, New Construction Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government, Taipei City has been actively engaging in road maintenance and sidewalk improvement in recent years. Apart from making continual improvements in road surface uniformity, the “Village Transportation Environment Improvement Project” has been implemented in lanes and alleys below 8m wide in collaboration with the Taipei City Department of Transportation to re-allocate road space in limited space. Through drawing sidewalk markings, planning parking spaces for cars and motorcycles, and road renewal, the Taipei City Government ensures sidewalk safety and maintains parking order. In pedestrian environment improvement, the Taipei City Government has spared no efforts in optimizing the linkage of accessible space and the sidewalk network in recent years to expand from “single-section” consideration in the past to “regional” consideration. The Taipei City Government has also introduced various innovative actions to enhance the people-oriented pedestrian environment. For example, the “water resilience adaptation” and “people-oriented environment” concepts were blended with the planning and design of the “Zhongxiao East Road East-West Axis Section and Surrounding Pedestrian Environment Improvement Project.” The pedestrian environment like roads and plazas was improved with permeable high-pressure bricks, porous bituminous concrete, and belt-shaped planters to increase the city’s permeable area and mitigate the urban heat island effect. Obstacles on sidewalks were also reviewed to re-define the right of way among pedestrians, bicycles, and powered vehicles on the road. Related results also earned high acclaim from the jury in the evaluation.

According to Chief Chih-Liang Wang of the Road Maintenance Section, New Construction Office, road and sidewalk maintenance requires routine renewal and maintenance combined with effective management in order to provide citizens with safe and convenient use. In terms of either policy promotion or the effectiveness of onsite implementation, Taiwan City has earned the recognition of excellence in the present rating. Apart from demonstrating the efforts of interdepartmental collaboration and the enthusiasm to serve citizens of the Taipei City Government, these achievements mean invaluable encouragement and honor to employees of all levels of the Taipei City Government. In the future, the Taipei City Government will make continual improvement and ceaseless efforts to provide citizens with a friendly and comfortable road environment and better living quality.