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Another Award! 2 Construction Projects from Taipei City Government’s New Construction Office Recognized with the Distinguished Public Construction Award

“University of Taipei Library Reconstruction Project” and “Taipei Music Center Project (Northern Site)”, which were organized by the New Construction Office (NCO), Public Works Department, Taipei City Government, have been recognized with the 2019 Taipei City Distinguished Public Construction Award.

The “University of Taipei Library Reconstruction Project” is situated in Bo’ai Special Zone and is close by many major government offices and the MRT restricted construction zone.

Innumerable arbors and trees under protection surround the project site, and to comply with orders requested by National Security offices and MRT restrictions, the NCO went through numerous meetings and discussions with the design, supervising, and construction teams to eliminate the countless obstacles. The project was finally able to be completed, with a construction procedure that dug through 3 levels underground and built 6 levels above ground, while at the same time protecting the trees nearby with zero damage and upholding MRT safety monitoring regulations. After the Project is completed this year, it will provide an excellent reading environment for teachers and students, thereby promoting an overall enhancement of research, teaching, and learning quality, creating Bo’ai Special Zone’s new landmark of humanities, arts, environmental protection, and technology, as well as inheriting the historical traces of the century-old campus. 

The “Taipei Music Center Project (Northern Site)” is part of the “New Ten Major Construction Projects” introduced by the Executive Yuan, and is also a part of the sub-projects under Taipei City Government’s “East District Revitalization Project”. The main exhibition hall is a multi-functional venue space, and the exterior is designed to resemble Taiwan’s undulating mountain ranges. In terms of the structure, the intricate steel structural system is composed of varied measurements and sizes, which has further increased the difficulty during manufacturing, transporting, and crane lifting processes. The roof is made of anodized aluminum corrugated sheets that attend simultaneously to the structural, sound-proofing, heat-insulating, and water-proofing functions. Also, to respond to changes in extreme weather conditions, the roof’s drainage function has been reinforced with a sectional installation of gutter drainage systems and water collecting well so as to achieve zero waterlogging at the roof with an effective water drainage function; the results have shown to be extraordinary after testing through several heavy rainstorms. The Performance Hall inside the Music Center makes use of perforated sound-absorbing walls that efficaciously offer the functions of sound absorption, sound insulation, and reverberation time effects. And for the entrance lobby at each floor, since they are arranged with high and varying cross sections of designed walls and ceiling, the 1~5F open area shows a non-uniform design. Through BIM integration, procedures for surrounding electromechanical, firefighting, air-conditioning, and lighting operations are coordinated for necessary procedures and sectional planning operations. With respect to the characteristics of its purpose, in consideration of the venue being a performance space of pop music, acoustics rules are specially put forth. Not only did all materials that were bound by acoustics criteria have to be tested in laboratories before the construction began, a series of acoustics testing were also required to be conducted on-site after all areas completed their renovation. All on-site testing results showed that the acoustics criteria as listed in the contract were all satisfied.