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Congratulations! Taipei City New Construction Office receives 2021 FIABCI World Prix d'Excellence Award

The FIABCI World Prix d'Excellence Awards, regarded as the academy award for the global architecture industry, concluded its awards ceremony for this year at 10:00 pm on June 2, 2021 Taiwan time with an online broadcast. The Taipei City Government Public Works Department New Construction Office won the Silver medal in the Public Infrastructures/Amenities Category for the “Taipei Yongjian Elementary School Reconstruction Project.”
The Real Estate Association of R.O.C. (The Taiwan branch of the organizers for this award) stated that the jury of the FIABCI World Prix d'Excellence Awards attached great importance to environmental and ecological protection and emphasized the sustainable management of man and nature. When the Taipei Yongjian Elementary School participated in the FIABCI-Taiwan Real Estate Excellence Awards in 2020, the combination of the firefly restoration of the Mamingtan Wetlands and the campus impressed and garnered unanimous praise from the jury. This project was designated as Taiwan’s entry for the 2021 FIABCI World Prix d'Excellence Awards.
The New Construction Office stated that the design concept for the Taipei Yongjian Elementary School Reconstruction Project was to create a teaching space that offered environmental experience, so that the school’s campus can be a place where students can learn about “everyday life.” There are different teaching and socializing locations throughout the school that are covered in lively colors, injecting energy and life to invigorate the campus. In addition, the Mamingtan Wetlands on the northern side of the school is a firefly restoration base for Taipei City and a green belt buffer is set on the side of the mountain to allow the fireflies, frogs and dragonflies that originally inhabited the Wetlands to have a place where they can call home or rest. This allows the campus to become part of the Xianjiyan ecosphere and enrich the natural teaching resources within the Elementary School’s campus, integrate sustainability into the campus while incorporating sustainable education curriculum to have students learn about the features of the campus, culture, history and ecology and create diverse ecology-themed education that allows the campus and community culture to coexist and become the center for promoting and educating recreation and culture. This then enhances the memories and emotional connection between the community and elementary school campus. In addition, the school has also obtained the silver-level green building labels based on 7 indicators that include greenery and CO2 reduction indexes.
The New Construction Office explained that the Taipei Yongjian Elementary School Reconstruction Project had previously won the Gold for Construction Quality in the 2020 FIABCI-Taiwan Real Estate Excellence Awards, the “28th Chinese Architectural Golden Stone Award” Excellent Public Infrastructure in the Construction Category, and the 2020 Formosa 21 Awards Excellent Public Infrastructure Award. The project won again and the award was a token of recognition from all walks of life regarding the New Construction Office’s dedication. In the future, the New Construction Office will continue to handle various high-quality public projects in order to work hard towards improving various public infrastructure projects.