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Road and duct intellectualization RPIC of the Taipei City Government won the smart city innovation award again

he "2019 Smart City Summit & Expo (SCSE)" held at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from 2019.03.26 to 2019.03.29 is aimed at accelerating smart city development with big data smart management focusing on introduction of AI in city government services. The Taipei City Road & Pipeline Information Center (RPIC) won the "Smart City Innovative Application Award" with its scientific and technology application of "road construction instant image management", "24-hour duct entities' joint and cross district stationing" and "underground duct's 3D image and information system" for road construction management by integrating smart platforms and mobile device APPs to monitor and control whole life cycle of road construction works.

According to the New Construction Office, the Public Works Department, TCG the RPIC was established in July 2015 by joining 43 duct management entities in one place to integrate road construction scheduling and reduce repeated road excavation and pavement works with big data and system intellectualization. As a result, number of road excavation cases in 2018 down 34% over 2015, the year the center debuted, while the emergency repair and excavation ones fall even more to 48%. Thanks to the award by the SCSE the TCG is committed to advance the road construction smart management and ramp up comprehensive and precision public duct image and information system. 

Mr. Lin Yueh-hsun, head of RPIC, noted that the RPIC is scheduling and managing construction works with smart management system to control road construction information of current and next day (including road construction location, scope, unit and other instant information); take real time construction work photos and report (with mobile device APP) stop and inspection points throughout construction period; building up dangerous duct construction early warning over gas and high-voltage lines together with underground duct image and information database; having the construction units to verify image and information and inspect the site in advance to prevent damaging ducts in construction scope.

To improve city government service quality the RPIC has linked the instant construction information and image of the entire Taipei City with "the Love Taipei" APP for residents' learning about neighboring construction information, remote monitoring construction status, and detour away from construction roads for easy and safe traffic.