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Congratulations! Three projects of the New Construction Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government won the 2020 FIABCI-Taiwan Real Estate Excellence Awards.

The winners of the 2020 FIABCI-Taiwan Real Estate Excellence Awards have announced. The New Construction Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government has won a total of three awards, including two golden quality awards and one quality award. They are the best planning and design golden quality award "The Zhongzheng Bridge Reconstruction Project," the best construction golden quality award "Yongjian Elementary School Reconstruction Project," and the best planning and design quality award "Zhongxiao East Road Sidewalk Environment Improvement Project." The award ceremony was held on July 23 at Sunworld Dynasty Hotel Taipei and the award presented by the Secretary-General Meng-yen Li of the Executive Yuan.
Deputy Director Jianzhong Wang of the New Construction Office said that the golden quality award winner, the Zhongzheng Bridge Reconstruction Project, is a vital traffic channel linking Taipei City and New Taipei City. There is a lot of traffic flow of cars and motorcycles. However, some parts of the bridge have been built for a long time, so that the seismic and flood resistance capacity is insufficient, so it is necessary to rebuild them. Also, because part of the bridge construction was completed in 1937 during the Japanese Occupation, it has historical preservation value that registered as a historical building in the city. Therefore, the old bridge must retain after the reconstruction of Zhongzheng Bridge. Besides, the Chongqing South Road viaduct connecting the Zhongzheng Bridge has reduced traffic efficiency because of changes in the times. Most space under the bridge has also abandoned, which has affected the development of the neighboring area. Therefore, the New Construction Office took advantage of the Zhongzheng Bridge reconstruction opportunity. During the Chinese New Year in 2020, the time when the construction has the least impact and impact on the surrounding traffic, the viaduct was demolished. The Chongqing South Road viaduct restored to a flat road. The newly built Zhongzheng Bridge uses a steel arch bridge without bridge piers in the middle of the river. On the Shuiyuan Expressway connecting at this end of Taipei City, the three-dimensional intersection of cars and motorcycles adopted. The end of New Taipei City maintained the current status and widens the mixed lane. The construction bridge built in stages and traffic was not interrupted. The overall landscape designed with the theme of "the lute and psaltery is in harmony" as the design concept. Combining the reappearance and mutual echo of the Zhongzheng Bridge and the Kawabata Bridge (that is, the preserved old bridge), they play a concerto of life exclusively for Taipei City and New Taipei City.
Deputy Director Wang explained that as well won the golden quality award, Yongjian Elementary School Reconstruction Project, which locates in Wenshan District, Taipei City. The design concept is to create a teaching space with environmental experience so that the campus can be a place for children to learn "daily life." Different teaching and social scenes casually provide at each corner. Use bold and lively color decorations to make the campus no longer icy cold classrooms. Furthermore, the Mamingtan Wetland on the north side of the school is the base for the restoration of fireflies in Taipei City. A green belt buffer is set on the field of the mountain to allow the fireflies, frogs, dragonflies that formerly inhabited this wetland to have a home to return to and a place to rest. The building has also obtained seven green building labels that including the silver-level of the EEWH, greening volume label and CO2 reduction label.
Deputy Director Wang added that the planning and design concept of the Zhongxiao East Road Sidewalk Environment Improvement Project of the New Construction Office, which won the quality award. It designed to promote sidewalk-city and is a critical part of the construction and evolution of a great international city.  Show the different reality beneath the surface developed by each section of Zhongxiao East Road through a human-oriented sidewalk. Combine the overall landscape of Taipei City and the human-oriented environmental goal structure to make it a city where the charm and vitality are displayed. Also drive the development of surrounding activities to make it a high-quality human-oriented environment becomes a significant part of the city image. The design concept of this project divided into two main themes, "Cultural Taipei" and "Technological Taipei." By the pavement design, light environment facilities, and the combination of plant types, it shows Zhongxiao East Road is not only a microcosm of Taipei life. It is also a road, which is the most representative of Taipei, for the cultural connotation of the city.