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The New Construction Office of the Taipei City Government won 2 consecutive awards for construction projects and even won the Outstanding Public Works Award

The New Construction Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government won the 2020 Taipei City Outstanding Public Works Awards for two construction projects, "Northern Pop Music Center Construction Project (Southern Site)" and "Taipei City Police Station, Nangang Branch, Nangang Police Station Construction Project" in August after winning three trophies of the 2020 Taiwan Real Estate Excellence Awards in July. The award ceremony was held on August 14 in the Guoguang Hall of CPC Building, and the award was presented by Deputy Mayor Chen-sheng Peng.
Hui-yu Li, deputy director of the New Construction Office, said that the Northern Pop Music Center Construction Project is planned to foster the development of the pop music industry and push the industry forward. The Southern Site Project is mainly for reviewing the pop music, the theme displays of the pop music culture exhibition hall, and the cultivation and production of pop music, as well as the venue for exchanging ideas. The shapes of the buildings of the construction project are special, which makes it difficult to construct. During the construction period, the construction companies, supervisors, and the Office worked together to solve various difficulties and used BIM models to work on the operation, pre-reviewed the construction procedure and construction interface, to speed up the construction and achieve the goal as scheduled. Upon completion, the area will be a green space for citizens to enjoy music, relax, and exercise.
Jun-sheng Guo, Director of the Public Works Section of the New Construction Office, explained that the Taipei City Police Station, Nangang Branch, Nangang Police Station Construction Project is on Jingmao 2nd Road in Nangang District, which is within the Nankang Software Park. There are many restrictions on the design of the construction as the site is close to the elevated track of the MRT Wenhu Line. In order to counter the impact of the building’s proximity to the MRT, the construction is designed to use a retractable, sunshade, high-airtight vinyl windows, and double-layer hollow glass to effectively block noise and overcome environmental disadvantages. In addition, the design demonstrates the righteousness of the police through the usage of the outer curtain wall. The wall is presented with vertical shading aluminum trims, which symbolizes the image of the endless flow of the Nankang River, and at the same time provides the effect of shading and energy saving. The site can be served as offices, dormitories, standby rooms, related ancillary spaces, and public consultation spaces for police officers of Nangang Police Station, Nangang Branch.