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The road quality of Taipei wins the first place in the central government’s evaluation for 6 consecutive years

The Ministry of the Interior holds the "Urban Road Maintenance Management and Pedestrian Environment Barrier-free Evaluation Program" annually to evaluate the effectiveness of county and city governments in promoting road maintenance and pedestrian environment. The city government's 2019 evaluation results in "policy action,” "block evaluation,” and "on-site evaluation" have scores of more than 90 points. In which, the city wins the first place in "policy action" and "block evaluation" in the municipal group. The Construction and Planning Agency indicates that the City has made considerable achievements in road maintenance and pedestrian environment in recent years, serving as a model for other counties (cities).
Based on the analysis of the evaluation results, the City receives the recognition of excellence (90 points or above) in "policy action" from the committee members for the implementation plan and management of road maintenance and pedestrian environment. It shows that the City has matured in related planning, policy formulation and system establishment, can meet the practical needs of the people, and brings higher efficiency and more effects for subsequent implementation. For "block evaluation," the blocks around the Affiliated Senior High School of National Taiwan Normal University and the Taipei EXPO Park are selected, and the City receives outstanding results (above 95 points) in terms of cleanliness, drainage and evenness for road maintenance. The City’s pedestrian environment has been highly praised by the Ministry of the Interior in terms of the safety of intersections, the smooth flowing of road sections, and the feel and usability performance of the overall environment. Overall, both the blocks around the Affiliated Senior High School of National Taiwan Normal University and the Taipei EXPO Park have been comprehensively improved. In addition to providing a comfortable and even-surface driving environment and a friendly and barrier-free walking area, it also emphasizes the safety of pedestrian crossings and the beautification of the environment, gradually moving towards the construction of an all-round road network.
The Construction Office explains that the "on-site evaluation" is divided into road maintenance, pedestrian environment and traffic engineering. In which, the City’s road maintenance and traffic engineering have been rated as Grade A (85 to 90 points), and the pedestrian environment is rated as excellence. Regarding road maintenance, it has been randomly sampled and tested for evenness since 2019. Due to the pipeline excavation for integration on some road sections, there is temporary road repair, resulting in a low evenness test result at that time. After the pipeline construction is completed, roads have been repaved one by one, to completely improve the road quality and reduce the repeated excavation and pavement of roads in the future.
In addition, according to the results of the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission, Taipei City Government for the 2019 November Municipal Issues Satisfaction Survey, 66% of the people are satisfied with the overall road quality in Taipei, and 27% of them are not satisfied, with the satisfaction increased by 24% compared to the previous survey; about 71% of the people are satisfied with the quality of roads near their homes, and 26% of them are not satisfied, with the satisfaction increased by 9% compared to the previous survey. The survey results show that the public has a positive feeling about the City government's promotion of road improvement. The City government will continue to improve road quality and build a friendly pedestrian environment.