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The Yongjian Elementary School reconstruction project by the New Construction Office wins the National Gold Award for Architecture and receives recognition from the Vice President

The New Construction Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government won the 21st National Gold Award for Architecture in 2020 with the “Yongjian Elementary School Reconstruction Project” which was listed as an outstanding work of the Quality Award for Public Construction. Li-Yuan Huang, Director of the New Construction Office, went to the Office of the President as its representative and was received by Vice President Ching-Te Lai on January 18,2021. It was a great honor.
Li-Yuan Huang, Director of the New Construction Office, said that to win the National Gold Award for Architecture, considerable conditions must be met. In addition to fulfilling corporate social responsibility, not only do we need to pay attention to the basic functions of the building such as shielding wind and rain and providing safety like before, but also to consider factors such as local landscape, local history and culture, natural environment, climate change, low carbon emissions and sustainable green energy and to incorporate it into the design.
Chun-Ming Yen, Chief of the Architecture Design Section of the New Construction Office, said that the new construction project of Yongjian Elementary School was carried out based on the concept of ecological green buildings, naturally constructing it in irregular shapes in accordance with the hillside terrain. Considering the unique natural resources there, the children’s learning space is set below three floors, creating a harmonious connection among nature, humans and architecture and also enabling the project to successfully obtain the silver-level green building label. This project has won recognition from all walks of life. In the future, the New Construction Office will continue to carry out high-quality public projects and upgrade public constructions in Taipei City.