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Comprehensive Healthcare. Happy and Loving New Beitou. New Beitou Hot Spot “New Construction of Daoxiang Allied Building” 

At Daoxiang Road and Xinxing Road intersection in Beitou District, Taipei City, there will soon be a brand-new building erected. The old Daoxiang Market was earlier appraised to be a high chloride ion building or the so-called “sea-sand house”. To protect the safety of City residents, the old building was completely demolished on May 28, 2019. The construction site opening and blessing ceremony for subsequent phases of the new construction were held on November 25, 2019; the grand total expense of the construction amounts to approximately NTD 763.1 million. The overall construction will be completed on March 22, 2022, and the building will be open for operation at the end of December in the same year. 

Director Chen Pai-ching of Shilin Engineering Office, Public Works Section of the New Construction Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government pointed out that the new building is located at No. 81 Daoxiang Road with floor areas constructed to be approximately 17,594.38 m2 with 3 levels underground and 9 levels above ground. The new building’s plaza is integrated with nearby green corridors, creating an all-inclusive leisure environment. The supermarket and community childcare center on the 1st floor are designed to enrich community living convenience; the 2nd to 5th floors integrate a community long-term care facility and public daycare facility (public infant daycare center); the community center and occupational therapy center are located on the 6th floor, offering an exchange and leisure space for people living in nearby neighborhoods and a rehabilitation therapy space for the community people; and the library on the 7th-9th floors owns a collection of 100,000 books. The original community center will be preserved, and combined with the library, the supermarket, and other features, diverse services are offered to create a modernized, multi-faceted public community facility suitable for all age groups. 

Public Works Section Chief Kuo Chun-sheng explained that the building volumes are largely made of raw concrete, and the building is discreetly hidden amidst Mt. Datun range. The gabled double wall on the southwestern side of the building blocks the harsh sunlight from the west and at the same time reflects the blue and white colors of the sky and the lush green unique to Guandu Plain. Roofs with curved surfaces and frames made of trees are meant to symbolize the swiftly flowing clouds blown by strong winds. Turning geographic features into a reflection of local culture, the new building is expected to further integrate the humanistic and cultural values that are distinctive to Daoxiang Market with the land and the architecture design. 

Director Huang Li-yuan of the New Construction Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government stated that, the design of the building also incorporates Beitou District’s local humanistic and cultural environment, creating a green building that possesses local cultural characteristics. Moreover, the design also aims to obtain at least the bronze-level Intelligent Building Label and silver-level Green Building Label, offering people living in the community more superior and comprehensive functionalities in health and welfare and everyday living services. After the construction is completed, thorough functionalities such as community health and welfare services and community residents’ everyday living facilities will be offered. As a result, the community’s services at an interpersonal level and its overall physical facilities will be effectively enhanced – community residents living within 15 minutes walking distance will all be able to receive their care and basic everyday living needs.