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Muxin Road Bridge is gone and road landscaping renewed for accelerated local development

Where Muxin Road Sec. 1 meets Muzha Road Sec. 3 in Wneshan District, Taipei City is overlapping with the existing embankment of Jinmei River. Muxin Road Sec. 1 was a 20m-wide road. The two lanes in both directions (approximately 13m wide) climbed 3m to reach the top of the embankment with retaining structure. Only one lane was left to connect to neighboring lands, creating a traffic bottleneck. This year (2014), New Construction Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government plans to demolish the existing earth embankment and rebuild a cantilever embankment. This will reduce the road elevation and drastically renew the road landscaping.

Previously the traffic flows increased significantly on the surface section of Muxin Road Sec. 1. The existing road width was not enough and the embankment was in the way for widening. As a result, the road was elevated to be flush with the embankment for more room for traffic. Several local city councilmen and village chiefs suggested the removal of the road bridge on Muxin Road. With an overall consideration of urban landscaping, traffic and flood control, the Office believed that the modification of embankment and removal of road bridge would definitely improve the surrounding environment, revolve the bottleneck, reinforce the embankment structure and increase pedestrian space.

13m wide and 320m long, the Muxin road bridge was located between Zhinan Road Sec. 1 and Muzha road Sec. 3. In addition to the removal of the bridge, the demolition project included the erection of embankment overpass, temporary flood control measures, traffic maintenance, temporary strutting, cantilever flood walls, car lanes, sidewalks, street lamps and associated facilities. The project started on Dec 1 2014 and was completed on Jun 20 2016, and NT$ 113,040,786 was spent on the project but it was money well spent as the surrounding environment was better, the traffic bottleneck was no more, the embankment was structurally reinforced and the pedestrian passage was improved. In total 6,400m2 of road surface were renewed, 900m2 of sidewalks were renewed or added, and 145m of new flood wall was constructed.

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Muxin road bridge and embankment improvement

Road renewable for Muxin road bridge

Road renewable for Muxin road bridge