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New Construction Office


New buildings of relocated Taipei Municipal Yongjian Elementary School provide diverse spaces that satisfy students’ needs.

“The Relocation Construction Project (New Buildings and Underground Parking Areas) of Taipei Municipal Yongjian Elementary School” was launched on 17 December of 2014 and completed on 30 January 2018. The new buildings of this project including ordinary and clustered classrooms for lower grades, ordinary and clustered classrooms for intermediate grades, ordinary and clustered classrooms for higher grades, professional training classrooms, library, school history room, administrative spaces and resource recycle room in the north district; swimming pools, stadium, table tennis room, multi-functional conference room and kindergarten in the south district; outdoor playing-field, tracks, ecological teaching zone, outdoor activity square and sand pit area; and the underground (two levels) public parking areas.

Sized 4,747 m2, the old school site was located next to the Examination Yuan. As the school had over 700 students at the time, each student only has 6 m2 to use, which is lower than the 12 m2 prescribed by the Ministry of Education. The school therefore started to look for new sites since 1997 and acquired the new site in 2003. The new site has 35 classrooms instead of 26 and can fit 1,100 students instead of 700 some students, providing each student over 20 m2 space to use instead of 6 m2. Besides, the new site has stadium, swimming pool, tracks, kindergarten, and underground public parking areas.