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-- 2007-01-18 --
Bankag Park. ●Brand-new View of City Landscape
From the Neihu Technology Park, the Living Mall, the Taipei 101 skyscraper to the grand opening of Miramar Entertainment Park, the appearances of architectures on the streets of Taipei never fail to bring new surprises!
Landmarks with new looks are emerging one after another; iconic architectures with creative exterior design features flood the streets of Taipei with their glamour like stars in the sky competing to be the brightest among all. Along with lighting effects that incorporated aesthetics, optics and cutting edge technology, the nights of Taipei Taipei Arena. are lit with their dazzling splendor!
Dazzling private buildings that boast liveliness and quality public architectures that emphasize user-friendliness are complementing each other in the recreation of a new outlook of Taipei City.
Take a walk at the Xinyi Shopping Circle you will be impressed by what you see!

●New Fields of Vision with New Looks
Who Says Buildings Must Be Squarish in Shape?
Circular, elongated, multilateral, arched, Front Plaza of Taipei Main Station. The different appearances of architectures reveal their distinctive grace!
Due to considerations of safety and aesthetics, reinforced concrete and steel structures are used for their specific characteristics.
Some say that the buildings of the 21st century are also in the fashion of “wearing undergarments outside”.
Take a look at the increasing number of buildings with exposed steel structures on the streets of Taipei; wouldn't you say they are filled with the modern sense of lines?

●Prettified Look of the City: Leading Creativity, Designed Image
The decision of the overall look of a city does not rest solely on a single department in the government; it has to be the collaborated planning between the teams of city development, city planning, city design and ecological and environmental protection.
The truth is, private buildings have more space and leeway to present their creative appearances and there are already a number of outstanding creations. But the central focus in public construction is more on quality requirements and user-friendliness. The city government has truly been the driving force in the overall planning for large scale building clusters; it was responsible for providing a concrete blueprint for city development with considerations of law, construction techniques and the coordination of relevant conditions. Along with the abundant creativity of private buildings, the city is benefiting from the combination of public and private buildings in the structuring of the overall city icon.

●Glittery Nights of Taipei
Dressed in the robe of lights with colors as ornaments; the buildings with unique and eccentric designs bring out the charms of Taipei nights with ever-changing patterns of flashing lights that have incorporated aesthetics, optic sense and geometry projected on them.
Just imagine: what would the birds, eye view of Taipei City look like from the top of Taipei 101?
In the silence of the night, the lights are stealing the show!

●The Overall Design of Street Style from the Magical Touches of a Make-up Artist
Certain streets evolved specific features that are unique to them due to the careful management of merchants as time passed:
The views of the bridal gown street along Aiguo East Road; the bazaar of camera stores on Boai Road; Wenchang Street has been nicknamed as “furniture street” etc.
It may be an enjoyable experience even if one's simply window-shopping.
After the tidying-up process of advertisement objects and items, the overall image of the city has been reinvented and its appearance has gotten more appealing
It is inadvertently enhancing the feeling of specialization of the shopping street and drawing more shoppers.
Shopping can also be a sightseeing experience!

●Interpretation of Diversified Values through Overall Planning
The splendors and creativity of the buildings in Taipei are not restricted to have dazzling appearances; the variety and diversity of utility functions is where the true challenge lies in the competition of buildings!
The joint combination of station front landscape park and Bangka Park with metro malls respectively;
The compatibility of hosting competitions and art performances of international class in the Taipei Arena;
The feature of diversification management in community sports centers in each district;
All these are signs of inevitability of the links between Taipei City and other international metropolises.

●Innovative Design
Cool Hardware and Powerful Software
Because it's new; because it's ahead of others; because there will be a huge crowd of people waiting to use it,
this is why the city government has adopted high standards of requirements for the Taipei Arena.
National standard for fire protection facilities was adopted and the standards of green building label have been strictly observed in the construction of the Taipei Arena.
Be it energy conservation, resource conservation, water conservation, water preservation, earthquake resistance, fire protection or emergency evacuation, the Taipei Arena will be the role model for other buildings in the country to follow suit

●The Birth of Taipei Arena Driving Culture in Circulation
The international standard Taipei Arena has finally come to be in the city!
From now on, citizens of Taipei will be able to ice skate all year long despite living in a tropical region, lovers of international art performances will no longer have to fly to Hong Kong or Japan for their favorite shows.
With seating capacity of 15,000 and box seats, the stage can be modified flexibly according to the nature of the performances, competition of all scales, you name it; the Taipei Arena will be able to handle it!
More importantly, everyone will be able to enjoy international class experience at a fair price!
Being a citizen of Taipei is truly fortunate.

●Challenged Condition
A Well-deserved Golden Quality Award
The toughest challenge to construction personnel would be performing construction work in front of the busiest train station bustling with commercial activities and the highest concentration of commuters.
The fences are not supposed to hinder the flow of traffic and pedestrians in peak hours!
The fences are not supposed to cause inconvenience to commuters waiting for their buses!
The fences are not supposed to make the buses detour!
One can easily imagine the difficulty of performing construction work in the presence of pedestrians and traffic while not falling behind in construction schedule.
A building period of four years with 6 stages of cross-district constructions, with zero accidents related to construction work; such result is truly hard to come by.
Due to the enormous difficulties in the construction and the strict demands for safety,
the Public Works Department has received “Golden Quality Award”; the highest honor in construction quality from the Executive Yuan.

●Romantic Overground Ambiance Delicate Underground Shopping Malls
Offering the Urban People with the Good Tastes of Quality Life
The Taipei New World Shopping Center joins the railway and the MRT system, links Taipei City Mall (Zhengzhou Road), Zhongshan Metro Mall and Station Front Metro Mall (Zhongxiao West Road), and furnishes an underground world of 18,000 square meters in size at the station front.
This Spacious, comfortable, and safe world; best suited for citizens’recreational and shopping needs.

The landscape plaza on the ground level,
joining the ever-busy Zhongxiao West Road with incessant traffic and the Taipei Railway Station that is always bustling with activities.
A secluded corridor with a fountain,
coupled with arbor coffee seats and innovative nighttime illumination,
soothes the tensed nerves of busy urban people!

●Hydrological Presentation; the Circle of Life Goes on
The View of a Vibrant Dock is Recreated in the Metro Mall
The gathering of vendor stands in the past has turned into a folk landscape park named Bangka Park; the Longshan Temple metro mall shopping complex is decorated with 7 different water landscapes with running water, representing the perpetual continuation of energy and streams of people, providing more recreational fun for citizens of all ages. Awaiting you to experience and appreciate its beauty.
Longshan Temple Shopping Mall is the first licensed underground building with two stories below the ground level in Taipei City, concurrently used by more than 7 departments (Markets Administration Office, Parking Management Office, Parks and Street Lights Office, Taipei Revenue Service, Jiancheng Land Office, First Household Registration Office of Wanhua District, and Wanhua District Office). Beginning from its planning, construction, design details, fire hazard and work accident simulated exercises to its transfer to these departments, the processes of task assignment, integration and coordination in each phase of the construction has been record breaking.
The negotiations before the relocation of vendor stands and constructions in particular would not be forgotten lightly by every personnel who has participated in the process.

●Culture Custom Longshan Temple
The Bangka Park transpiring a Reminiscence of the Past and Secluded Sentiments
The mirror of Buddha: the beauty's mirror pond, the square in front of the temple with astrological patterns, the three pairs of divine creatures, the dragon-shaped sky roof and the winding corridor; recovering the romantic legends of Bangka through icons.
Guided by a purpose and dedication; combining the elements of water and light along with fancy lighting effects, the linking between folk custom and modern age is made possible. “The axis has been turned”so to speak; as the Longshan Temple and the Bangka Park benefit one another and redefine the western area, reviving the prosperity of the area it once had in the past.

●Ball Games, Swimming, Socializing, Cultural Activities
A healthy Taipei City Presented through the Vigor of Community Life
“Every district will have its own community sports center”.
The primary goal for the construction of these community sports center is to provide a neighboring public space for citizens to exercise, enjoy recreational services, take part in community cultural learning, attend exhibitions and performances and socialize.?
All twelve community sports centers have already been completed.

●Sustainable Humanistic Green Buildings
Green buildings, ecological constructions, environmental protection and energy conservation, open space, law-regulated greening of construction space, dispersed throughout the Taipei basin like thousands of scattered green boxes, nurturing the bodies, minds and souls of every Taipei citizen.
In Taipei City,“green buildings” is neither a mere slogan nor a trendy phrase but concrete actions that lead the city towards the global stage of architecture.

●Energy Saving, Environment-friendly, Healthy, Sustainable
Taipei City
“Green Buildings”-the EEWH system covers the nine objectives of quality:
Ecology—diversification of living organisms, index of “greening”, index of rainwater retention in building site
Energy-Saving—daily energy conservation
Waste Reduction—reduction of CO2 emission and other wastes
Healthy—improvement of interior environment, water resources, waste water and refuse management
In response to the spirit of the Kyoto Protocol which was effective beginning from February of 2005 and to effectively reduce the generation of the 6 types of greenhouse gases, Taipei City Government has mandated that all public buildings above the value of NT$50 million must obtain the label of “candidate of green building” before construction. The city has enjoyed satisfactory results and is ahead of other cities and counties in the country in terms of performance in the EEWH system.

●Public Buildings First Private Buildings Next
The construction of the Taipei Arena used large amounts of materials that are recyclable and reusable and incorporated central water supply circulation system, rainwater recycling system and energy saving designs mechanisms on exterior walls.
The steps and measures taken in the construction of various community sports centers are ahead of the regulations in the construction laws in many areas, such as water conservation, energy conservation by adopting ambient lighting designs and interior light source inducing designs, central air conditioning system, water preservation, sewage water processing and waste reduction/recycling. The “Green construction label” standards were used as the basis in the beginning stage of procurement of materials
Another example would be the extensive planting of shrubs and arbors at Station Front Plaza, Taipei New World Shopping Center, Bangka Park and Longshan Temple Shopping Mall; using flower stands to conserve water and building rainwater reservoirs for the recycling and reuse of rainwater.

●The Green Box of Taipei Basin
The greens of an urban area are the“lungs of a city”; having greens is not simply an important means of beautifying the environments, it carries a much more active significance in the aspects of environmental protection, ecology and landscape.
A diversity of plants: growing a mixture of shrubs and arbor trees in greens along with butterfly/bird attracting plants to avoid raising a single type of vegetation in large numbers can help to increase the green energy in the environments and improve the diversity indices of living organisms.
The greenery of these greens, parks and plazas are just like bustling green elves; revitalizing the atmospheres of the Taipei basin.
Take a leisurely stroll among them; it will refresh you and make you full of energy.

●Implementing Triple Quality Management for the Sake of Safety
The city government has to pay special attention to prevent causing disturbance to the neighboring residents, to maintain public facilities and regulate noise pollution in the construction of an urban building. The construction sites of super high-rise buildings are jointly inspected by Taipei City Fire Department and Department of Labor; massive construction projects such as the Taipei 101 would not only require the contractor, the builder and relevant government bodies to perform inspections, a guild of professional technicians is also commissioned to carry out routine assessment, establishing the Grade III quality management mechanism.
Taking the public constructions that have been completed recently for example, the national standards of requirement for hazard protection, flood protection, ventilation, fire protection, evacuation and sheltering were adopted in the construction of community sports centers, Station Front Metro Mall, Bangka Park and its underground parking, Longshan Temple Shopping Mall and the Taipei Arena. It is required by laws that these buildings carry out scheduled simulated exercises to ensure no risk and no hazards.

●The Physically Disabled-friendly Public Spaces
Now completed with the green building indices along with thoughtful considerations for accessibility, citizens with movement disabilities will be able to reside and go about with greater safety.

●Community Architects Sharing the Community Resources
Buildings and constructions require professional expertise; they are closely related to the safety of citizen's lives and properties.
The “Community architects” mechanism serves as a channel to provide pre-construction consultation services, effectively reducing potential risks.
Professional architects providing professional consultation services for community residents, sharing of community resources can benefit the residents# and enhance the safety of buildings at the same time.

●Looking at Taipei through the Passage of Time
Unlimited time is meandering through the winding paths of the limited space in Taipei basin, here, you will be browsing through the pages in the history of architecture, capturing the countless instances of coexistence of the oldest and latest buildings; the biggest and smallest of buildings that were interdependent; the echoes between medieval times and modern ages; the fusion of domestic and foreign styles.
Architectures with varying functions originated in different times and backgrounds; derive different characteristics.
Constructing Taipei's rich cultural features and diversified urban landscape.
Respecting the traditions and linking with the future; such is the unique vitality that Taipei City prides herself in.

●Respecting Traditions Linking with the Future
All things are bound to change in the passage of time; the tides of time witnessed the rise and fall of great figures in history
only the architectures remain
silently ruminating the dust-laden events of the past.
Regardless of the usages; be it a venue for art and cultural event, a restored historical site open to visitors or a simple resting place, the former residences of famous figures in Taipei have been instilled with new lives; Their existence in itself is essentially a living history.

●Back to the Past Reflection of the Future
Old houses, temples and architectures; these historical sites give Taipei City its rich and distinctive elegance, the rich assets and fruits of wisdom of our forefathers nurture the citizens in their appreciation for culture. The coexistence of old and new buildings, tracing the tracks of Taipei City in history.
Foreign visitors are surely to be caught spellbound by the coexistence of the past and the present, the fusion of the east and west in their discovery of Taipei!

●The Depths of a City Comes from Its History and Culture
New Architectures and Old Sentiments
These Are All Parts of the Taipei Sentiment
Take the express elevator at Taipei 101 and experience the rapid descent from the clouds to the ground; enjoy and savor the momentary bliss of surging from the hot ground floor to the chilling top floor.
The Zhongzheng Sports Center under construction; the wall of relief created by the late master artist, Mr. Yen Shui Long has been preserved intact.
The ingenious recreation of scenes in literary compositions through 3D sculptures of culture and landscape at Longshan Temple Shopping Mall, echoing with the imagery of harbors in the olden days.
The essence of the new and the old reside in our hearts, our sentiments and even more so in the affections we have for the land.

●Future Aspirations
Taipei, a city that shaped the memories and inscribed the dreams of many
watching her growth from a gloomy urban area into a city with buildings that pierce the sky.
Vendors, illegal buildings are gradually replaced by green, parks and large shopping malls.
Unknowingly, she has elevated to become a member of the global village;
following the pulse of nations worldwide and joining ranks with other excellent metropolises.

●Green Building Landscape Vision
Green buildings are replacing concrete forests, the considerations of accessibility factors in public space, render fine quality of home living in Taipei.
In the past ─ the citizens were able to enjoy decent housing.
Now ─ they should be able to live comfortably as well.
Let the government and its citizens work hand in hand to construct quality homes in the city.

●Ensuring a Sustainable Ecology Enhancing Resource Deployment
Establishing management plans for the leftover earth and stone resources from construction projects, outsourcing external reviews and the system of examination of the construction site, improving the effective recycling and reuse of building resources.

●Healthy City Healthy Citizens
Starting new entertainment trends with the opening of various sports centers, the luxury of being able to work out right in your neighborhood. International cultural events will no longer be rare occasions in Taipei, integrating cultural recreations with fitness; improving the quality of city life.

●Taipei International Flora Exposition -- Bringing the Floral Beauty to the World

Scent of flowers, colors of leaves, and the dance of butterflies
The 2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition unfolds the dazzling colors of flowers.
There are no extravagant designs.
No trendy contours of high-tech gizmos.
Only the flowers and chrysalises being embraced
and the green hue that climbs sky skyward
that protect this land.
Received the The 2010 Taiwan Real Estate Excellence Award
Received The 2010 Taiwan Architecture Award
Received the 9th Taipei Urban Landscape Award

Chrysalis-shaped EXPO Hall. Provided by King Shih Architects

Chrysalis-shaped EXPO Hall. Provided by King Shih Architects

The vast green land all the way to the skyline. Photo taken by Bio Architecture Formosana

The vast green land all the way to the skyline. Photo taken by Bio Architecture Formosana

The slick design of the Pavilion of Aroma of Flowers. Provided by King Shih Architects

The slick design of the Pavilion of Aroma of Flowers. Provided by King Shih Architects

Inside the EXPO Hall. Provided by King Shih Architects

Inside the EXPO Hall. Provided by King Shih Architects

The Xin-sheng Park entrance. Photo taken by Bio Architecture Formosana

The Xin-sheng Park entrance. Photo taken by Bio Architecture Formosana