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The Taipei POP Music Center Reconstruction Project (The North Base)

Known as one of “The New Ten Projects” promoted by Executive Yuan, this project is also a subproject of the city government’s “Taipei East Gateway Plan”, aiming to foster the development of pop music industry. The construction of this professional and multi-functional pop music center located in Nangang District of Taipei City was completed on February 15, 2019 to promote the pop music industry and supporting industry thereof. The main hall, which is at the north base with three floors under the ground and five floors above the ground, has performance stages, 4877 auditorium seats (can fit in about 6000 audience plus the standing seats), group training rooms and an office. With a design of range upon range of mountains, the main hall symbolizes how Taiwan’s pop music reached peaks with a diverse development after stepped into the new century. In the future, Taipei POP Music Center will be used as a pop music performance center in northern Taiwan.