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What are the associated charges to be paid when applicant provides seat on a sidewalk in our city, and how to calculate?

The monthly user charge equals (the approved area for use) × 5% (the annual interest rate) × (declared land price) × 1/2 × 1/12, and odd days less than one whole month shall be calculated as one month. The security equals to total user charges for 12 months. Should the permitted use period be less than 3 months, the user charge shall be paid off in one time before use. Should it be more than 3 months, the user charge shall be paid off at beginning of each period with 3 months as a period.
For example, if a shop owner has made an application and obtained an approved area for use of 30 m2, it is found out that the declared land price of this road section in this year is NT$76,576/m2, in this case, the monthly user charge and security to be paid by this shop owner are calculated as follows:
Monthly user charge = 30 m2 × NT$76,576 / m2 × 5 % × 1/2 × 1/12 = NT$4,786
Security = NT$4,786 × 2 = NT$9,572