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No.. Item Information links Provided by
1 Treaty; external relations documents; laws; provisional orders; orders, statutory orders and self-government ordinance prescribed in central laws and regulations. Laws and Regulations Database of Taipei City  Department of Legal Affairs
2 Interpretative rules and judgment standards enacted by government agencies to assist its subordinate organizations or subordinates to unify the interpretation of acts, determine the fact and exercise the discretionary power.    
3 The organization, duties, address, telephone, fax number, website and e-mail address of government agencies. Organizational Structure
Website of the new construction office (Eng): https://english.nco.gov.taipei/
Taipei City Simple Petition System 
New Construction Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government(NCO)
4 Documents related to administrative instructions.    
5 Administrative plan, business statistics, and research and development reports Administrative Plan NCO
6 Budget and audits    
7 Petition results and appeal decisions. Administrative Appeal Decision Inquiry System  Department of Legal Affairs
8 Public work and procurement contracts in writing. Government e-Procurement System Public Construction Commission
9 Payment or accepted subsidies.    
10 Meeting minutes of collegial body. This information is not provided (the new construction office is not a collegial body). N/A