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Affiliated Departments

Chief Engineer's Office
Tel: 886-2-27287936

Planning and Design Section
Tel: 886-2-27287945

Electrical Engineering Section
Tel: 886-2-27258003

Architecture Design Section
Tel: 886-2-27287993

Public Works Section
Tel: 886-2-27258096

Road Maintenance Section
Tel: 886-2-27258228

Quality Control and Occupational Safety Section
Tel: 886-2-27258015

Road Excavation Management Section
Tel: 886-2-89788900

Maintenance Team
Tel: 886-2-27258214

Engineering Support Section
Tel: 886-2-27258068

Utilities Conduit Planning Section
Tel: 886-2-27258047

Systems Administration
Tel: 886-2-27258063

Adminitrative Services Office
Tel: 886-2-27287899

Accounting Office
Tel: 886-2-27258027

Personnel Office
Tel: 886-2-27258130

Government Ethics Office
Tel: 886-2-27203592