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NO.SubjectPublish DateDegree
1The New Construction Office wins the Outstanding Awards in the environmental planning and design of the Landscape Awards with three projects: Xinsheng canal, the pedestrian environment on Zhongxiao East Road, and Zhongzheng Bridge2021-02-02National, N
2Road quality of Taipei City rated excellent again by the central government2020-12-21National, N
3Taipei City New Construction Office Continues Garnering Multiple Awards, Yongjian Elementary School Receive the National Golden Award for Architecture 2020-12-18National, N
4The New Construction Office wins the Integrity and Transparency Awards by applying full-process e-application and review for road use, the first case in Taiwan2020-12-01City, C
5The New Construction Office of Taipei City Government wins the Golden Stone First Prize of the Chinese Architectural Golden Stone Award, the Oscars of architecture2020-12-01National, N
6Taipei won the Championship in the 2020 Open Government Data Application Award with its Road Maintenance Management2020-11-18National, N
7The New Construction Office of the Taipei City Government won 2 consecutive awards for construction projects and even won the Outstanding Public Works Award2020-09-10City, C
8Congratulations! Three projects of the New Construction Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government won the 2020 FIABCI-Taiwan Real Estate Excellence Awards.2020-08-07National, N
9Chun-Sheng Kuo , the Public Works Section Supervisor of New Construction Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government awarded as 2020 Taipei City Government’s Outstanding Civil Servant2020-04-09City, C
10Taipei City Road System Rated Excellent Six Consecutive Times by Central Government2020-03-20National, N
11Another Award! 2 Construction Projects from Taipei City Government’s New Construction Office Recognized with the Distinguished Public Construction Award 2019-11-06City, C
12Road and duct intellectualization RPIC of the Taipei City Government won the smart city innovation award again2019-04-10National, N
13Roads of Taipei City smoothed even more, every year they are ranked number one in the nation2018-10-25National, N
14The Refurbishment Project of Chenggong Market in Taipei City won the 26th Chinese Architectural Golden Stone Award2018-10-23National, N
15Outstanding quality: The New Construction Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government won the Taipei City Distinguished Public Construction Award with 3 construction projects2018-09-11City, C
16The construction and renovation project for the venues in Taipei 2017 Summer Universiade won the Award of Excellence in the 17th Public Construction Golden Quality Award sponsored by the Executive Yuan2018-02-07National, N
17Taipei City won first place in the “2017 Urban road maintenance and sidewalk environment accessibility assessment” by the Ministry of the Interior 5 consecutive times.2018-01-15National, N
18Incessant Accolades: Taipei City’s New Construction Office Wins the Public Construction Excellence Award2017-10-16City, C
19Congratulations! Taipei City’s bridge maintenance received the 18th Golden Road Award for Road Maintenance Category2017-09-29National, N
20“Demolition of the Approach Bridge to Zhongxiao Bridge and Surrounding Plane Road Improvement Works” wins the Quality Award in FIABCI-Taiwan Real Estate Excellence Awards2017-08-08National, N